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Although they have been commenting here for a while I had somehow not discovered the wonderful blog Atomic Nerds. They are a young couple, Stingray (male) and LabRat (female) who write from the ever- strange city of Los Alamos (strange even in our odd state!) They write on dogs, guns, evo- bio, religion, and other subjects of interest to Q readers,and have quite a few of our mutual favorites on their blogroll. And if they get pissed off, they are FUNNY. (They give links to hilarious stuff too: Check out this this You Tube video in which a TV celebrity reveals that she doesn’t know that the earth is round; see also the related one on the same page where she says that Christ is the beginning of history, or at least seems to– she is really too incoherent to speak…)

I’ll quote from an early post from LabRat explaining a bit about her viewpoint:

“… my education is in evolutionary and ecological biology, though much to my chagrin I’m not working in the field right now. (Long dull story, and I don’t much want to talk about it anyway.) I’m married, old enough to feel old from time to time but young enough that I still tend to feel like a whippersnapper in the blogosphere at large, and no I’m not putting up a picture. Interests likely to appear in this space are guns, politics, science in general and biology in particular, odd history, dogs (more in-depth than just “mine are cute”, though anticipate some of that, too), pop culture, food and liquor, tattooing, and whatever else strikes me as the most likely source of the day’s drivel. If I’m feeling particularly obnoxious fitness and nutrition may appear.

“On my politics: when needing to give a shorthand answer, I usually say I’m center-right or a small-l libertarian. (Unless I’m talking to the most obnoxious kind of liberal, in which case I leer horribly and say I’m a conservative.) Like anybody who doesn’t get their politics from the party equivalent of a Happy Meal box, I’ve got a wide variety of stances from both the “conservative” and “liberal” ends of the spectrum. You can assume you know what I think on an issue based on my other positions if you don’t mind me assuming you have the IQ of a carrot. I think that kind of live and let live attitude makes the world go ’round.”

You can see why we like her.

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