Revolutionary Update

The latest monthly garden report reveals troop-strength at historical summer lows.

The legions of tomatoes, once proudly at attention, are now “at ease” and nearly falling out of formation. In fact, two recently went AWOL.

The sunflower looks to have enjoyed a little too much R&R.

And the beans are just plain going to seed.

But there is hope yet for the Rebellion. A few new recruits were drafted by my uncle during a trip home a couple weeks ago. I’ve given these bush beans the barracks formerly occupied by the lettuce, none of which survived the last solar assault.

And though the tomato plants have seen their finest hour, they have a few surprises left. We ought to have enough for a few salads yet.

1 thought on “Revolutionary Update”

  1. Wow. Amazing what a difference a couple thousand miles makes.

    Here in MN we just have baby green tomatoes. We're still harvesting peas and greens. Carrots are just starting and the pole beans are in full flower. The cucurbits just began their assault. I anticipate they will complete their takeover by end of August.

    I made of lot of changes to the garden this year and really need to post pics on my blog. Perhaps tomorrow.


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