Hecate at Hecate’s Crossroad (Wiccan, guns, and animal training) speaks of the relevance of “clicker training” to gun laws:

“So if you’re seeing a whole lot of behaviors you don’t want, you can bet those behaviors are being rewarded, somewhere, somehow.”


“For punishment to work as a behavior-modification method, it must be a significant and immediate consequence of the behavior. No criminal commits a crime thinking he’ll be arrested while he holds up the liquor store. But if he sees there’s a good chance holding up the liquor store will get him shot, well, that’s a clear disincentive.”


“Now can anyone please explain to me how making it more difficult and dangerous for people like me, law abiding citizens, to own guns and defend ourselves effectively increases the risk and reduces the rewards for criminals who attack us?”


Have you heard about the Tibetan practice of exposing their dead to be eaten by vultures (individually, not like India’s Parsees)? It seems a fine green way to go (see one of my mini- reviews a bit later). As California poet Robinson Jeffers said, “What a life after death, what an enskyment” If you are not too queasy about the idea there is an excellent photo gallery here.

Be warned– though I got this link from a birding site, the first page has NSFW ads– though you might well feel that pics of feeding vultures are NSFW themselves unless you work in a strange environment.

Get your H P Lovecraft character perfume here.

Egypt destroyed all of its pigs. Every action has unintended consequences. Now Cairo is knee- deep in garbage.

Annie D sends this hilarious but true essay on how to publish a comment on a scientific paper.

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