Worst Tattoos 2

I have seen a few of these before, but these sets of mens’ and womens’ tattoos genuinely include the worst I have ever seen. ET AS THE VIRGIN MARY?? And there are some… well, vote your “favorites”, please. Some mildly NSFW if you can see them well enough.

1 thought on “Worst Tattoos 2”

  1. Since people come and go during tattoo sessions, I've learned that there are people who enjoy those epically dumbass tattoos specifically BECAUSE they are epically dumbass. I don't understand them, but the ones I've met so far seem every bit as enthused about their ink as I am.

    I guarantee you the guy with the cat ass on his belly *adores* it.

    On a side note, those posts are interesting because they're such an illustration of the principle "what the client wants, the client gets". Some of the tats are examples of truly abysmal artist skill (like the failed portraits), but others show an artist with some pretty epic skill asked to do something really, really stupid. I sure as hell wouldn't want that black knight on my back, but I'd want the artist who drew him- that's some scary skill with detail there. It's HARD to make a detailed representation of something that is entirely black on skin, let alone do it that well.


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