More Ink

My New Hampshire friend Dr Hypercube, who is a blogger, falconer, Steampunk dandy, fine shotgun nut*, breeder of tropical frogs, and fellow aficionado of Central Asian art, sent me another great tattoo, a tiger, from Rudenko’s Frozen Tombs of Siberia (anyone know where to get an affordable copy?)

If I ever get a tattoo at my advanced age, it will be Pazyrik.

He also sent an image of his own new ink, a heart once used as a target by Annie Oakley, which he got from an Annie Leibovtz photo:

* He is looking for an affordable Manufrance Ideal– anyone have a lead on that?

Worst Tattoos 2

I have seen a few of these before, but these sets of mens’ and womens’ tattoos genuinely include the worst I have ever seen. ET AS THE VIRGIN MARY?? And there are some… well, vote your “favorites”, please. Some mildly NSFW if you can see them well enough.