Vodka from our Mongolian “Home Town”

Lauren brought among other things (like eagle tack I have never seen– be patient!) a bottle of new vodka named after the capitol of Mongolia’s Kazakh “Aimag” or state, therefore the de facto “Berkutchi” capitol. The back is attractive enough, with a Berkutchi painted on it (all photos enlarge if clicked on):

But the front is sensational: a cutout in the shape of the Aimag showing a better view inside the bottle:

And who is that handsome eagler? It’s ARALBAI! (Photo by Cat– you can also see him in the “cowboy” hat with Lauren a few posts below, and read about him in Eagle Dreams).

Good vodka too– thanks, Lauren!

4 thoughts on “Vodka from our Mongolian “Home Town””

  1. Lauren bought it in Olgii and brought it in– no idea fi there is a US distributor yet. It is a small batch maker so maybe not, but worth trying. The brand as it appears is "Bayan Olgii"; website (which makes more than one I think):

    There is also a serial number which may be for the individual brand: mns 179 -2001.There is a lot of Cyrillic– could send by mail– but the designation in English is "Bayan Olgii Mongolian original Vodka", and unless you speak Mongolian (I don't but a surprising amount of Mongolians speak English) I'd just ask in English. Good luck and let me know!


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