3- Wheel Morgan

I always thought the Morgan sports car was the most elegant ever made, comparable to a London best hammer pigeon gun in esthetics.

(My other favorites are the ’57 Chevy and the Citroen Traction Avant– but remember, I also love Winchester Model 12 pumps and Darnes).

So how could I not be delighted when I found out that Morgan was bringing out this retro 3- wheeler. Is it a car or a motorcycle? Who cares!

Website here. Review here.

6 thoughts on “3- Wheel Morgan”

  1. Hi Steve

    Morgan's survive on English Eccentrics with money to burn , but the Eights are Tasty!………………..

    Remember: Four wheels good; Two wheels bad…


  2. Hi Steve

    There is a reason why ATV's "grew"an extra wheel!!….My first car was a three wheeeeld Bond , with a 197cc 2 stroke engine which you kick started with the bonnet up! – It should have been fun, but was unbelievably dangerous ( and unreliable )… so I bought an Austin A30!…much better , and have stuck with 4 wheels ever snce…..



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