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  1. "Travis Haley is your hero. Chris Costa is your hero."

    I don't know if they're my heroes, but I've met them*. Gentlemen, the both.

    * You know you've got it made when random people on the internet trip over themselves to claim they've met you.

  2. Awright! Vladimir got another Laika pup!?! My Tazis probably chased this same dinosaur! Hey, I'd like-a to see MORE Laika stuff on this blog(just a suggestion….) And why doesn't Vladimir respond on this site more? If you are reading this Mister Beregevoy, I KNOW I owe you badly an update on the Tazi pups(plus subscription fees for the "Pads" newsletter, which I love), and I hope to get around to that soon!….And I don't know about how to pronounce some of the names mentioned on this video, but I personally JUST LOVE to say "MAHKMOOD AMADINNIJAD"!!!!!….L.B.

  3. A) Not sure Vladimir quite "gets" Blogs as continuing entities.

    B) Will get a box and send it.

    C) Mas Ayoob is from NEW HAMPSHIRE! His mother, my father, my mother, and I were all born in one Boston neighborhood…

    Oh, waitaminit, you actually mean the guy my friend John calls "L'il Squinty", not the handsome gent from the frozen north (;-)

  4. Having spent some time with a West Siberian laika pup, I'm just amazed by them. They have a really amazing intelligence, and they are naturals in the woods. The only thing is that a dog that looks like that around here will automatically be assume to be a coyote, and it will be vulnerable to hunters wanting to "protect" the deer herd.


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