5 thoughts on “Dog Pic of the Week: Perfect Tav”

  1. Indeed a splendid sighthound! I'll havta get some more pictures of my own "Sintwul Ajin Woochers"(the phonetic-baby-talk term for my Bergevoy-bred Tazis) to you to post–they are really growing up too!…..L.B.

  2. I've enjoyed watching Tavi grow up and the mistakes and progress he's made as he figured out how to use his body … he is quite the boy!

    Black Dog Lady

  3. Almost finished with a roll of film–then off to Wal-Mart for development(1 week or so)–then off to Steve for approval and scanning–and VOILA! Like magic, they shall appear onto the blog! Well, very PRIMITIVE magic, that is. I only have an old-fashioned camera, you know, you guys…..

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