“New” Petroglyph

… from none other than Andrey Kovalenko— see below.

Andrey says: “This rock art is located in (تیمره) Golpaygan, Isfahan in the central part of Iran. GP Location is: 33° 38′ 31.43″ N 50° 19′ 27.30″ E. There have not been any scientific examination (Magnetic Polarity Chronology, Uranium Thorium, Carbon 14 HL) to date the age of petroglyphs in Kheomein and Golpayganm specifically but from other findings in the same area it can be said that the petroglyphs date back to Pre-Agriculture era — Isfahan – Iran.”

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  1. Yes, too cool for school–but Peculiar, wouldn't "SCRAWLING with rock art" have been a more appropriate, descriptive terminology? I'm just sayin'….L.B.


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