In and Out

I am sorry for spotty posting– heat, drought, stress, work, waiting (on money, on decisions), business, relatives (good- more on that coming), a dead car, the damned Post Office, Libby’s knee, sleeplessness engendered by all above, “Parkiness” generated by sleeplessness,  visitors; even pigeons (removing 40- some ferals who have invaded during our dry spring); all have been contributing to my absence.

But the rains have come and seem to be staying, “frogs” (spadefoots) are calling, our water situation has improved (only adequate account is in the Socorro Defensor Chieftain today, not on line at least yet); nights are cool enough to sleep, and the kids are moved. Blogging, if light, can resume. I may be intermittent til I have a long- range work plan, which depends on editors at least in part; I could also use an ergonomic chair and some new skill for IPad and DragonSpeak, but working on it all. Onward to all the usual suspects– dogs, quotes, guns, books, friends; more, and worse….

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