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Brother in law George Graham on the fall season on my native coast. The Urge for Going and migration always make me  a little nostalgic…

“As the summer begins to wind down, we find ourselves spending every last sunny moment on the trails near our house. Any excuse to walk Hal on Great Esker and the Back River winds up with too much to see. I’ve attached a few pix of the sights of Wild Weymouth, through our eyes. The landscape that blocks out the sirens and hustle. An absolutely beautiful stroll today with my favorite backwoods suburban explorer, my own Jane..”Good at All” [My sister Karen]. Action is full throttle, as an osprey hunts, a red-tail hawk sits calmly with pigeons on the wires while a great blue heron squawks and snowy egrets fish the incoming tide for snacks. Meanwhile a turkey vulture meanders overhead, cormorants sunning on the peat shore under the salt marsh grass, gulls crabbing in the mud, terns and ducks in the river. This truly was happening simultaneously, just an overload of goodness for us to witness.”

That is tidal water, folks, including the river…

Urge for Going? The definitive version:

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