3 thoughts on ““Animals make us human” (Temple Grandin)”

  1. Great article–can't wait for the BOOK!(ahem!)…. Speaking of the legendary American Badger/Coyote(and I've also seen a documentary with a Golden eagle joining in the partnership as well) hunting team(which you mentioned in the article), I JUST saw a GREAT documentary on YouTube(which I watch animal documentaries on my lunch hours at work any given opportunity, not having cable or even PBS reception on my T V at home–actually, the work computer screen is BIGGER than my OLD T V at home! And there is NO COMPUTER in my home, either!) about Honey Badgers in the Kalahari(complete with Bushman tracker!), and they filmed the South African version of the same–not the classic Honey Guide partnership, but a Honey Badger(Ratel), Jackals, and Chanting Goshawks, all hunting together! I hadn't realized they had a similar relationship like our American coyotes and badgers and birds of prey. You should check it out! I found it by just pecking out "Honey Badger" on YouTube……L.B.

  2. The Virginia Falconers' Association membership annual publication, HawkTalk, would like to see if we might be able to reprint this piece. All prior appearances to be noted, all credits acknowledged, reprinted as-is, etc. Might you be able to get into touch with me, Lee Chichester, at falconer@swva.net? Thanks so much for the thoughtful essay and all you do on behalf of hunters and philosophers and writers everywhere. Lee

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