5 thoughts on “More taigans from Jutta”

  1. Well, maybe a Russian Wolfhound/Borzoi that hasn't been totally ruinated by conformation showing! Yeah, I love the real, functional hunting type of Russian Wolfhound(Vladimir has sent me photos of such, plus some in his great "PAWS" newsletters!). But I cringe at the sight of the overly exaggerated conformation and labor intensive coats on the show dogs. Hey, comparison of the two would make yet another great future post! Like that Chow post you did awhile back! Bring the Show dog people out of the woodwork, and give me some windmills to tilt at!…..L. B.

  2. There are still old- fashioned good ones in Russia, and at the McGehees in Idaho. They look like this dog but for the fact I have never seen a black one.

    And that is an excellent idea.


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