Early Monsoon?

Magdalena mountains last weekend, by Elizabeth Campbell. This is less than ten miles from us, mountains thrusting up to nearly 11,000 feet from a plain over 6000, between us and Socorro 2500 feet below on the Rio Grande.

Topping out– telescope on the ridge ahead.
Going down toward Water Canyon, a hummingbird appears.  Peregrines nest in the cliffs to the right.
Looking northeast from the canyon, through Lee’s ranch, at Polvadera Peak.

4 thoughts on “Early Monsoon?”

  1. Nice to see some photos from the Mags! We had a cool, rainy week here too, but I'm definitely waiting to see June shape up before I contemplate early monsoon status. We can hope, though!

  2. Oh to be in Magdalena, now that Spring is here!

    Great, evocative pics that bring memories flooding back!



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