Broken Email

Since this morning I have been without Email. No, that sounds like I am the only one; as far as I can tell ALL my server’s customers have been without Email. Since I am overseeing the reprinting of  3 more of my backlist, trying to arrange covers and intros, and doing everything from gun repairs to talking* to Russia and Wyoming (and NOT talking to Alaska), it is making me nuts, exacerbated by heat, sleeplessness, and 3 new meds for 2 conditions (or is that … 2 new meds for 3 conditions or…)

I should Email my consulting doc but NO EMAIL.

I need to arrange for incoming Lily dog but…

I need to research Scott pigeon guns. No Email needed there, but how can I ask questions of my expert friends?

Must get new book reviewed in WSJ about the computer – distracted, The Organized Mind.

*I say “talk”. I may mean phone, for those I can talk to on my partly- blocked ancient unlisted landline ( same since I moved here 30- some years ago). But I mostly mean Email, a Godsend for someone who writes at letter length.

And for the young, or at least the smartphone savvy, a few facts.

My left ear is not quite stone deaf, but effectively does not work in the bar or phone.

I am supposed to “swipe” the phone to answer. I CAN’T. I swipe away, and the phone remains unmoved.

Similarly, I can’t make it call. Fingers not brains. I use a mouse with my state- of -the- art Macbook Air. Lib wouldn’t believe my inability to double click on the touchpad until she watched. Similarly,  I cannot make the phone work by touching it. And that is if I don’t DROP the frackin thing.

Call the landline. I repeat, Parkinson’s, not senile dementia. Yes, I can shoot, a trigger being more definite than a touchpad. But if you want to talk, better knock on the door,  call the one with wires,  or wait out my server.

For entertainment meanwhile, next cover, by Vadim for Edge. It IS an edge of the wild– a Gos taking a hooded crow, with his Moscow apartment building in the background.

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  1. Now THAT should be a NAFA Meet print….I'd actually hang it on my wall at home instead of giving the print away to someone less discerning about raptor "art"…


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