3 thoughts on “Fearing What We Don’t Understand”

  1. Super post!
    As much as the woman’s Diane Whipple reference is a sensational, fear based reaction to a low occurrence incident (a five minute Google search on the psycho that raised those two canines and the couple that were there caretakers will paint a better picture then I could write), I don’t think the “Do Not: Attempt to befriend or pet the dog” can be overemphasized. That’s a problem that a variety of different breed owners that train for just about every discipline and use can find challenging.
    If you think I’m exaggerating……go to the opposite end of the working spectrum, find a conformation show in your area, and attempt to go up and pet and hug on one of the coated breeds as they are about to entire the ring. 🙂

  2. Great point Gregg, and thanks. Most of my guardian dogs will try to intimidate a stranger, but quickly calm down and wag their tails, while staying just out of reach, so petting them would be difficult for most people (unless we are present).

  3. Well, Cat, I don't know; but–seems like you woulda picked a different photo to illustrate yer points here–I mean, it's OBVIOUS that dog is trying to GORE you in that picture!!!(ahem!)….L.B.


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