As I am becoming extremely slow, I need to organize my time. I have found that spending hours on the Internet, or sitting in this chair, is both uncomfortable and destructive of time. The only way I am going to get my next book started is to take some time off– December? Won’t know til I do.

 I have left a few things for everyone to think about, and I hope that Reid and Cat can take up some of the slack, even Matt if he is not too busy. I may blog sooner than I think. I may never come back, though that’s unlikely. Probably, some time between Christmas and New Years,  I’ll resume this ridiculous 21st century habit. Meanwhile, I wish you all well, as I hope you do me.

5 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. Stephen, best of luck, will surely miss your blog during the hiatus as it's become part of my morning routine. And a way too tardy thanks for the many literary paths you've led me down since the days of Gray's.

  2. Take yer time, man! It's GOOD to git away from these overly unnaturally demanding contraptions! Most folks are seriously addicted to them now–cain't do without the computer or a phone for a second! Technological paciphiers, is what I call them! I DO enjoy interacting and swapping tales on the computer, and WHAT a source for lookin' stuff up!!!! BUT, you GOTTA git away from it regular, think yer OWN THOUGHTS for awhile, and hopefully do so without withdrawal symptoms! I just came from a whole week off from work–no computers in my house! Only computer access from the workplace–and I didn't mind it a bit! When I'm out in the woods with the dog pack, I don't even THINK about computers, and I sure-as-heck don't carry a cell phone! Sometimes though, I feel like I'm in some Alien/Body-Snatchers movie, and I'm the ONLY primate left that can live UNPLUGGED! And the Aliens are trying to swap me out!….So, take yer time, git that book written by ALL MEANS! We can wait–heck, I have a hard time keeping up with all these blogs anyway(and I probably only visit/comment on a fraction that most folks doo–no dang Facebook/Twitter for me!)….L. B.

  3. Making me tear up my dear brother; wish you were closer…
    Take your time, I am sure everyone will be here when you get back awaiting your sense of humor!
    your sister Karen


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