3 thoughts on “Stephen Grant hammer 16…”

  1. Stephen Grant guns are under appreciated. Elegance could be defined as a Stephen Grant side lever 16 bore. The perfect marriage of art, ergonomics, and technology.

    Beautiful gun, Steve!

  2. Stock looks great now. It appears you found another diamond in the rough. Look forward to hearing how you further restore. Did you decide the hammers are later? Diggory Hadoke has an article in the current DGJ on the restoration of a somewhat anomalous Pape which might suggest some ideas re analyzing this gun. D

  3. Next, analysis of barrels– two possibilities. Hoping there is enough metal to save Damascus. I would then have barrels browned. Nothing else really needs to be done– triggers, hammers, locks all perfect!

    I saw that Pape thing. If they could make that one good, mine should be a snap.


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