“The compact between writing and walking is almost as old as literature–a walk is only a step away from a story, and every path tells.”

Rob Macfarlane, in The Old Ways ; sent by Guy Boyd.

As Bruce Chatwin quoted, from St Jerome I think, Solvitur ambulando. Would that I could still walk the way I used to; I expect much that seems hard would be solved.

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  1. Love that. It's so true. I've cut more knots, solved more problems and had more ideas out walking than I ever have sitting at a desk.

    Walking invites the Muse to fall into step next to you, take your hand and guide you onto paths unseen.

    The whole frontier partisans concept, blog, book, everything, came to me on a walk in the woods when I had hit the wall on a fiction project.

    The Muse said "Here's your path."

    And every path tells.

    Jim Cornelius

  2. I think anyone reading any of my commentary already KNOWS I am quite the rambler! The two are absolutely intertwined in my experience–many a thorny dilemma has been "walked off" by me over the years. Perhaps getting the blood flowing throughout one's carcass stimulates the brain, as well. Perhaps ranging the forest with my dogs makes all tiresome civilized problems insignificant in a more primitive perspective. And(at least in the past–and still for myself) walking used to get one AWAY from other distracting influences, and allowed one to THINK THEIR OWN THOUGHTS, unpolluted by the constant chattering of other primates around them. Of course nowadays, most folks have become absolute slaves to technical devices that never allow them an unadulterated moment to themselves. I am one of the very few I know without a cell phone, computer of my own, etc. The only phone calls I get on my firmly tethered land line are late notices from insurance companies, which are easily ignored! Sometimes, to me it feels like that movie "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers", and I am the last earthling left! So yeah, people, put your addictive technical contraptions aside for awhile every day that you can, and get out and WALK! Escape the brainwashing media every chance you get…….L.B.


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