Worst Design Idea EVER

From California Home and Design, proving once and for all that everything you suspected about California is true…

To quote them, “Enter the second-floor 1908 library… Designing for a modern family, DeSousa was challenged to fill the shelves with real books when today most are read with an iPad. With the help of Bookbythefoot.com, a site that provides salvage books by the linear foot, DeSousa adorned the shelves with hundreds of paper bound books.”

And painted them all white.

9 thoughts on “Worst Design Idea EVER”

  1. I recently saw this guy on TV. First, the spittle of outrage flew from my lips. Then, I had to have a drink to insulate me from the waves of nausea and revulsion washing over me.

  2. This reminds me of the mindset of conformation dog show breeders. The "standard" for this "breed" of books would obviously be ONLY white ones of a certain height and width as the ONLY categories that were important–totally unconcerned regarding content or function otherwise. I think this kind of mindset is a direct result of OVERDOMESTICATION! And TOO GADGET-ORIENTED technology. We humans REALLY need to breed back to wilder bloodlines regularly to remain a sensible and functional species. You know, sperm and egg collection from the last hunter-gatherers or nomadic pastoralist societies–but we don't want to dilute those old, functional bloodlines by intermarriage! Just utilize them to breed some sense into modern, urban society. Instead of manufactured handicrafts, these wilder folk could support themselves selling their sperm and eggs!…..L.B.


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