Anglers Journal

Simply this: the best sporting mag since Ed Gray styarted the “real” Grays in the mid- seventies. Real writers known and unknown– the last interview with Peter Matthiessen– and superb graphics and art. And despite bonefish and other stars of the flats, NOT just fly fishing– commercial fishing even (Matthiessen’s interview accompanied with a cut from his Mens’ Lives, on the last Long Island net fishers); surf casting, offshore fishing…

New and old stuff by Chatham and McGuane and writers you don’t know yet, photos that make you gape with awe, two- page spreads of Meltzoff paintings- the real deal. Now if someone would do one on hunting. I am not holding my breath…

Subscribe here; oddly, no home page I can find yet. This should take you to a digital sample. It reminds me of days long past; below, my Dad (left) on Salt Water Sportsman in ’57.

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  1. Stephen, I am just one of your many followers. Discovered you and your books after reading everything Dan O'Brien wrote in non-fiction, and discovered that you and he know each other! I feel I am on a "trail" of sorts. Anyway, with no other means of directly contacting you, I am resorting to this rather crude way. If you'd drop me a line at my email I'd like to ask a personal question. I am Breck and my e-address is catevala [at] hotmail [dot] com. Thanks in advance for your kindness.

  2. Stephen,

    I agree, Anglers Journal is a great testament to fishing and all it encompasses. I particularly enjoy it as I now fish for fun but did fish commercially growing up on my cousin's swordfish boat out of Annisquam, MA in the sixties.

    I found the magazine on a newsstand in Boston and subscribed from that, however, there is a subscribe tab on their Facebook page.

    By the way, according to LinkedIn, Happy Birthday!

    Jon Landers


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