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Best Product Description: “Icelandic Beer Made From Smoked Whale Testicles”. Really.

“We started last year with our first whale beer, Hvalur 1. The health
department didn’t want us to produce it at first, but we were allowed
to. The beer used whale meal as an ingredient, and it was something new
for Iceland. It sold out almost immediately. This year, for Hvalur 2, we
wanted to keep the concept, but use a different whale ingredient. We
decided to use fin whale testicles… We wanted to create a true Thorrablot atmosphere that celebrates
traditional Icelandic food. Every winter, Icelanders gather to eat
traditional food that sustained our ancestors for generations. This is
very popular here in the countryside, and we wanted the beer to be
released at the same time of the festival. The dishes we eat include
boiled sheep heads, liver sausage, ram testicles, fermented shark,
wind-dried fish, smoked lamb meat, and blood pudding. We thought that Hvalur 2 would fit in well with Thorrablot…

Courtesy of David Z.

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