Home at last…

I am home, the op was a success, and I am fine. Many thanks for every good thought and prayer. The battery goes in a week from tomorrow, and the programming a week after that. Only physical effect was a lingering headache where AIR got into my brain… really. The grinding when they drilled into the bone was disconcerting, as was the momentary turning up of my brain current to a high level, which made my face twitch. Luckily, most of the procedure (a word I have learned to use) went smoothly and was completely engrossing to the main…subject?.. who remained awake the whole time, over 4 hours. (Actually Sarah shook me awake  a few times, believe it or not. Anything can be boring if you don’t read…*)

On a more humorous note, it was a hard road for someone vain about his hair to lose it all, so I made a study, feedback encouraged (I think)…

My usual slghtly sardonic self, making fun of what I know will happen…
The holes in my head

The hair, which they SAVED.

My usual Resistol

New Akubra

Best humor, albeit black: our friend “Miranda”, a  blogger and radiation oncologist whose patients are  often dying: “I tell them ‘at least it isn’t brain surgery!’ “

*Reading: when the critic Clive James found out he was dying of leukemia, he thought that with an indefinite “sentence”, he might as well spend the time reading (and writing about it).

And Annie Dillard said that one can speak of an afternoon wasted reading, but no one ever thinks of a LIFE wasted reading…

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  1. Fantastic, hope the headache goes away. Reminds me…I thought I was alone being able to sleep in the dentist chair…maybe it's a family thang! You look like Dad…grow your hair back — no comb overs!
    Love K your sister

  2. !! I like the "nut and bolts" comment – but really – you look great! Handsome as ever – and generous with this experience. Not everybody can pull off that look.
    All good wishes -Margory

  3. The grinding when they drilled into the bone was disconcerting


    Funny the way things can strike you. When I had lasik surgery on my eyes three years ago, the thing I found disconcerting was the smell of burning flesh when the laser burned off excess thickness of my cornea. I was awake through that, too.

    You are gonna be fine!!

  4. You're really rockin' that Yul Brynner look–heck you may decide to keep it on the down low. Glad everything went well–can't wait to start hearing about the results.

  5. I have been rocking the shaved head look for 'a few years' — not much there to start with and shaving what's left is faster and more practical. I also wear an Akubra…

  6. I don't want to alarm you or anything, Steve, but there is a small, long-haired dachshund floating around just over yer head in most of these photos…..L.B.

  7. Hello Steve and Libby! Long time, but something told me to check on you just in time to read of your DBS surgery … can't wait to hear that it is a raging success … we'll have even more in common than these Strange Black Dogs … since I have a pace-maker/defibrillator implant, we're both going on leads and batteries, we can be shocked at almost anytime, and we hope that the Energizer bunny doesn't let us down! Modern technology is wonderful – if your set-up will be like mine, you can travel anywhere in the world, and just "phone it in" if you think you need a check up … In other words, we're the very personification of Cyberpunk, and we're Livin' On Tulsa Time!

    All the very best from the Lady with the Funny Black Dogs!

  8. I think Libby mentioned this was upcoming a long while ago, and I've been off and away and not checking your blog in a while. But it seems great things have happened and I am glad to see that. Thinking of a visit south to NM, so let me know if there is any time in Sept or Oct which is better or best or none of the above. Love to you and Libby.


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