At first I was interested in this catalogue, but the longer I looked at it, the more uneasy I became. The kits for analysing owl pellets were fine. But what is with the artificial FEATHERS?

I know, it is illegal to pick up feathers.It is also STUPID for it to be illegal to pick up feathers. Paper ones are not real enough- real feather have quills, can “zip” together, are found in context OUTSIDE. Do we really want to develop a generation who can only enjoy nature mediated through artificial substitutes?

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  1. Yesterday I came home and was astonished to find the wings and tail feathers from our "resident" kestrel in the yard, an apparent victim of the neighbor's cat. I see evidence that the cat gets an occasional dove, but this surprised me. Did I pick up the feathers with full intent to keep them? Damn right I did.

  2. Good for you Jim! I would have too. I was once warned to keep such out of photos of my library but you know, I don't care- I am too old…

    I am also reviewing a book on cats allowed to run loose (I first ;rote "ruin" for run which may be more appropriate)). Here is a number: 25 BILLION: the number of small creatures killed by semi- feral cats every year in the US. This is is ADDITIVE mortality mind you; etra to any natural predation, which so many advocates refuse to see.The Horror, the Horror…

  3. whoops, wrote too soon . The best numbers are 4 billion birds, up `to 22 billion mammals, 299 million amphibians, 822 million reptiles…

    ..and half the sparrows in England every year.


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