Domenic “Doc” Conca, DDS- 1925- 2016, R.I.P.: on Conca’s Lawn.

 One of my unmentioned mentors died at 91 a couple of days ago: Dr Domenic Conca of Randolph, Massachusetts.

 “Doc” was the father of my oldest friend, Michael Conca, who was my schoolmate from first grade through my first year in college (BC: I dropped out), as well as my housemate and partner in a firewood business in the wintry January Hills west of the Quabbin Reservoir an east of the Connecticut valley, one of the wildest parts of Massachusetts, for several years, during my second attempt at higher education; he lives there still, with his wife Mary Lou; more of his story later…

Mike at Rick Rozen’s in Golfito, Costa Rica; Mike and Mary Lou a couple of years ago at Karen and George’s.

4 thoughts on “Domenic “Doc” Conca, DDS- 1925- 2016, R.I.P.: on Conca’s Lawn.”

  1. Steve, nice piece. There's a lot of memories there, some of which I either never knew or had forgotten. He was an interesting man, thought me a lot and will be missed.
    Have a great holiday.
    Mark Conca

  2. miss you papa, forever in our memories. love this piece, stumbled on it while looking for some pictures of family members on google. so great to know how many people cared about him. he will be missed. – a grandkid

  3. Two years ago and counting you left this earth,but I can still hear your laughter. You accepted me as the woman who would love your eldest son for the rest of our lives. Thank you for being such an awesome Dad to him, and for taking me into your heart.I love you Dom. You were such a bright,colorful, light in my life. I miss you dearly.


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