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  1. A while back I read Querencia and now finally got to A Rage for Falcons. I had ordered them around the end of last year but didn't quite get to stick to my one-book-a-week rule due to having to move my home. So I finally came across the box containing the falcon book. Now, Querencia is really good. I have never been to New Mexico but instantly got a feel and a distinct idea of the region described, something so impoartant and so rarely achieved. But let me tell you, A Rage for Falcons is simply magnificient. Being from Switzerland I have no actual connection to anything close of what you guys call nature or wildlife. Although I grew up in the country and spent most of my days in the Woods rather than at school. But we don't see much of anything alive here. The occasional road kill fox along a road before it's being cleaned up… that's it. After moving to my new place I immediately noticed that we have a lot more raptors here than at the last place plus it's very good open range -it sounds ridiculous to call this a range, it's a mere few single digits of square miles- to observe them. Now after reading A Rage for Falcons I must take care not to stumble over my own feet all the time because I am constantly scanning the sky and the trees. I am very thankful that you did away with a few myths that I have grown up with regarding raptors. Maybe I should say that I suspected them to be falsehoods, but I never really knew. And there is no falconry here apart from a few shows a year that not even as a child could hook me. Part thanks to our german european very awkward perception of anything not human and that resulting in an almost entire prohibition of falconry. -your book prompted me to read right up on any regulations concerning falconry in this country, out of pure interest. I just wish people here could experience a little and at least try to grasp the fascination and the value of this sport. Is it called a sport? More of your books are on my to-order list and while out with the horse and the "hound" I will have to stick to just watching the hawks. And I feel utterly misplaced in this spot. Small and narrow in every way.


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