Unusual Honor

I dont know what to say. A friend has just named a hotel after one of my books!
Khanat Chiryazdan, my old guide and the proprietor of Blue Wolf Travel, IMAO the most interesting travel service in Mongolia (especially if you like eagles), has built a hotel in Olgii city and called it…. “Eagle Dreams Hotel-!!!!

Khanat always wanted to have a hotel, and advertises my book, but this was totally unexpected…

Pics- I lost over 1000 on this computer alone, and must look for good ones. Meanwhile, this one of the cocky young ex- commando in his “Bad Dog” days should do..

Normally I would have links but I have lost (or SOMETHING) the memory to write even modest HTML during my”hiatus”. Could someone who could give me comprehensible help -Chas?- check in? Meanwhile info the hotel is available on Blue Wolf and on Khanat’s Facebook page

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