Stephen Collector

Boulder Photographer

Stephen Collector, the Boulder photographer, visited this week to hunt quail and take pictures. The quail hunt, in East Red Canyon, was unsuccessful. I was glad to go out even with the .410. The photographs were more successful.

Best of me in a long time

Most realistic

Tiger Country – Polvadera Mountain

4 thoughts on “Stephen Collector”

  1. You look much like your Dad here. In both! I recall both of those looks when he’d join us for coffee and donuts on occasional Sunday mornings. Just remember, aging is a privilege no matter how bumpy the road!

  2. Stephen, It was poor pleasure. The quail hunt, where our dogs didn’t make game, at least helped me save face in terms of my shooting. A great pleasure to break bread with Libby and yourself. A very long time coming……..
    As for Tiger Country, it’s brilliant. A great pleasure.


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