Captain Rick Rozen

Rick in the 70’s

I just heard that my old (3rd oldest I think) friend Rick Rozen had died, of cancer and bouts of flesh-eating bacteria. Best I can tell he was 70 or 71.

I first met Rick when I was 13 and he was 15, freshmen at a Catholic prep school. He had already attained his full growth at 15 and he was large enough to be eccentric. He smoked Lark cigarettes, wore a sport jacket with large green elephants on it, and spoke an unlikely patois of surfer and hipster. He was cool, but formidable; even the jocks were afraid of him, and somehow he took a liking to a little brainy kid and protected him.

We both had relatives with houses on the “Irish Riviera” south of Boston. Rick had picked up a taste for sport, especially fly fishing, and an old L. C. Smith he had traded for a roll of carpet, whenr he had spent a hippie stint in Vermont after he had dropped out of college. He, Mike Conca, and I and a few others all moved to Marshfield, MA, where we spent the early 70’s as an unlikely band of hunter-gatherers. I will never eat so well again .

Rick took it most seriously. He eventually earned enough to buy a Novi tuna boat named the Half Fast. There were still bluefin tuna around in excess 1000 pounds. He eventually learned how to catch them. I remember one that brought in a six figure price at the dock — in 70’s dollars that was a lot of money..

With the proceeds from the tuna, he eventually bought a camp in Golfito, Costa Rica, though he maintained his fishing business in Massachusetts. His last years were good; pictures of him show him surrounded by beer and beautiful Costa Rican girls. My photos have all been eaten by the computer, but I’ll try to get more.

He is survived by his wife, Rita, and a couple of brothers. His most interesting brother, Bill, preceded him in death, and is worthy of a column of his own.

Rest in Peace, Captain Rick. You earned your title.

God, I am sick of writing obituaries

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  1. So sorry to hear about Rick, I only remember him as a really young guy. Love the stores you tell about him and his travels. Fare winds

  2. I remember him gratefully for making me laugh when I couldn’t decipher the vibe… Also from a newscast in which I could only recognize a Rick Rozen if he was captain of the Half Fast – or something like it. Thought you had deep sixed all those old memories. Relieved have not. I was grateful for Rock’s ready humor.

  3. Sick of writing obituaries?! God Stephen, have we therefore ourselves lived too long? I think I need to smile more and make some younger friends; there are some out there that actually read.

    Recently saw Pete Dunne who had a stroke some years back. When I said I was glad to see him, He replied “I’d rather be seen than viewed”.

    Still mostly here. Hope you are well. Carol Sussman

    • Glad Pete Dunne is doing OK-I last heard about him when in the most ill- timed piece of “Economic” stupidity in the world Living Bird’s new staff fired him and me, saying “we don’t need writing; we need apps!
      The obits keeep coming; two more today,


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