Still fighting my way back.


We’ve made a lot of progress, completed a few articles, and am working with my assistant Tess to finish my second Book of Books – but the blog is aloost defeating me. The changes in my voices’ pitch and volume throughout the day are simly too much for the dictation programs I’ve tried so far. The can’t understand what I’m saying consistently enough to make it anything but frustrating.

I will keep trying.

Thank you for all the support I’ve received from friends and blog readers. Bear with me while I find a way back to posting regularly.


Steve at work at table with computer
Steve at work in better times

1 thought on “Still fighting my way back.”

  1. Hi Steve & libby

    Hang on in there Steve!- don’t worry about a thing , you are doing just fine – always wait for your “Notes from Magdalena”

    ##Keep Safe

    John & June


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