Tim Gallagher – 15th Century Hunting Image

Tim Gallagher just sent me this fascinating 15th century image. Everything is realistic about it but possibly the head piece .The (female goshawk is appropriate, and one hound is an obvious) “Saiukoid”. That headpiece would be hell in coverts.

Antonio Pisanello (1395-1455) Link

I’ll find out more…

Antonio Pisanello


6 thoughts on “Tim Gallagher – 15th Century Hunting Image”

  1. Hello Stephen,
    This isn’t related to 15th century falconry but I’ve come upon your writings as I was looking for land in SE UT. Been in Maine for the last 30 years but have loved and made a few trips to the desert country. Made the near X-country drive in, and lived out my old Land Rover for 2.5 months last trip. I’ve found your MA to NM transplant perspective interesting and enjoyable. I’ve read Querencia and On the Edge of the Wild and am currently in Tiger Country with Good Guns and Good Guns Again on the way. I have a question about a Mannlicher Schoenauer from the 30s you mention in Tiger Country, as your doppelganger:) Nick is about to go after the calf-killing Jaguar. I don’t know if it was a typo or you have experience with the above rifle in some calibre of the 6.3 persuasion?
    As an M-S fan and steward of a 1963 Model NO in 6.5×57 I’m interested.
    Hope you are doing well and able to get outside!

      • I gathered it was a typo but if there was a 6.3 out there, you’d have found it!

        That’s a good piece of advice!
        McLaughlin Custom Firearms is apparently making the Rigby style peep for the tail end of the bolt. They look nice but as you know, it’s not an original from the 30s!


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