Returning to Life and its problems

(And Continuing Problems With Blog Text)

I continue to have problems with the blog and its structure. It doesn’t do all the things it is supposed to and does not put all the photos up. It may be that this is a problem with advanced speech. Be patient and report to me what you see — I will continue to try to make it work.

The docs put a new battery in my chest last week. It tuns out it was three YEARS late, or at least that far past its recommended replacement date!.

No matter, i am FULL of( (perhaps slightly artificial?) energy. I only wish there were an app to let me type again- even a skiilled secretary is not the same as knowing you have an ability in your head…

1 thought on “Returning to Life and its problems”

  1. Steve.

    Good to see you writing again. Don’t worry about the typos… I grew up reading my mother’s handwriting, so I have some practice in the art of interpreting obscure written communication.😂
    Poor Mum. She was an enthusiastic writer, often on the subject of dogs, but we used to tease her about it.

    All the best and good hunting.



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