Helen Macdonald, Euro Robins

“I once saw [the writer] Helen Macdonald, who I think is a genius, ”

I saw this reference to Helen and it prompted me to look her up to see what she was up to lately.

I downloaded the Vesper Flights audio book which she reads. She has a good reading voice.

Checking through other news, I saw her reference to European robins below. 


“And the English robins with the red breasts—people love them, but they’re horrendous creatures. They’re really violent, and all they do is sing and fight. I’ve watched this baby robin, this thing of extreme cuteness, develop its red chest and suddenly become a complete bastard! It’s kind of a soap opera.”


I laughed because it reminded me of this image I sent around in 2020. It needs a good caption. At the time, I was telling people, “I am tempted to call it a Euro Trash Tit Punch because the one on the left is a blue tit with a Euro robin on the right. Apparently, they are assholes. LOL”

It seems, they still are.

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  1. “Vesper Flights” is a very good book that I have enjoyed. Thanks for linking that Audubon interview from last Fall that I had missed. One correction though, “Vesper Flights” is her fourth book, not her second.


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