WordPress Problems; New Masthead

I think that WordPress is THE hardest piece of software that I have ever “Handled.”Among its other faults it consistently puts stuff in the wrong place.

Nevertheless, the Good Karen Meyer in her role as  She Who Must Be Obeyed tells me I must use it for a little while yet, so I am trying not to be driven crazy.

Meanwhiles I’m adding three  friends of the blog  to the masthead.

Firdst, “Sea Run” , of Nova Scotia,  is the most talented and prolific aggregator of natural history, fieldsports, science,  and art I know anywhere.

My old mentor john Burchard, now living in California’s Central Valley, is a polymath indeed. He was born in Burlington Mass,  got his degrees from Princeton, then did a postdoc under Konrad Lorenz at the Max Planck. He worked in West Africa, and then became the ecologist for  Aramco back when Arabia was “real”.  He kept and hunted with salukis and falcons in the  wild back country for many years, and I can confidently say he has forgotten more about them than anybody else has ever known.

And Reid Farmer, who was also on the old version, is a contract anthropologist with a strong interest in Paleolithic America, who blogs from Denver.

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