Bee Business

Bee Decline

There is lots of bad news about bees. The radio had a guy talking about bee issues here, a few weeks ago. He lamented there were only 13000 bee keepers in Canada versus 400000 in Ukraine. Of the Canadian ones only a few knew what they were doing, he said. Another story afterwards said there was a bee supply crisis in the west.

European Earthworms

A lot of the reasons are obscure but this one was likely surprised some.

Honeybees join humans as the only known animals that can tell the difference between odd and even numbers

Quantum Bees

Despite all the troubles, bees continue to amaze with there abilities.

Steve claimed bee gathering was the best job he ever had.

​I have read a few books on bees and they are incredible but I never got into it much. My father was once but never followed through either. The war may have had something to do with that.​

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