Artistic License

Duende by Kristine Poole

“Duende” is a quality of passion and inspiration. This sculpture is about following your passion in life, represented by the bird, a Brahminy Kite. The design work on the bird’s chest flows onto the woman’s arm and continues across her back, highlighting the connection and communication between them. It also embodies the blossoming that occurs when passion is your guide through life. The Brahminy Kite is often associated with Garuda, a powerful Hindu protector being with the power to fly anywhere.

Brahminy Kite

I sort of laughed when I first saw this. She has a raptor on her bare hand which would be good for laceration. I doubted that it was more than a generic bird until I looked up the site and she references it as a Brahminy Kite. That is still asking for it as they look to have needle sharp talons. Her depiction looks more like a kea to me but artistic license can make it anything she wants. I still think it will look goofy to falconers and naturalists.

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