Bear Pole

Bear bite on a power pole. They love my power poles. Most all have a chunks ripped out of them. They trash trees, too. I see lots with the bark ripped off on my land. Lately, bear trails have showed up where they make an impression in the ground as they step in the same place over and over. Their pads are sensitive and they try to protect them as much as they can. This never used to be the case there. In the past, they were rare, as they were persecuted by farmers, etc. This looks to be a fresh bite. It is right next to a camera setup. 1.5 weeks ago, I had bears on the camera. I can’t prove it but it looking like a mating pair which may be why the pole was hit. They cross the brook in the trees to the right of the pole. It took 50 years to realize this was a funnel for all critters avoiding the field and brook banks. No one said I was a sharpie.

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