“A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a falcon”

“A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a falcon” 1871. Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin (1842-1904) – Russian painter and writer, one of the most famous battle painters.

Steve should like this.

Steve is that one of those primitive central Asia firearms with the bipod in the background?

4 thoughts on ““A rich Kyrgyz hunter with a falcon””

    • Yes, l was suspicious of that when l saw the barred feathers but held back until someone else mentioned it. The titles of paintings are frequently a joke anyway. People make up any old thing. Any bird of prey on a forearm has to be a falcon. This week I saw a painting at an auction titled by the auction house as duck hunting when it was quail shooting.  Ruffled grouse is a long time favorite. “A convoy of grouse” was another memorable one.

      Another thing l did notice was the ungloved hand. Maybe the artist is correct, or maybe not. Steve?


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