9 am Jan 24th, 2023

I was headed up the street, a few minutes ago, and saw a flock of about 100 birds crossing the street into the tree. They were backlight by the sun and I thought starlings but saw they were waxwings when I got closer. It was the biggest flock I have seen in town in many years. A few of them dropped down to the bush under the year looking for berries. There were not many berries. I heard them making the soft twittering sounds they make which can be very hard hear at any distance. They are one of my favorite birds.

Tom Kelly said in one of his books that they and robins are delicious. These ones are lucky they are not in Mediterranean Europe where they would be blasted by 20,000 dollar shotguns because songbirds are all that is left to shoot.

1 thought on “9 am Jan 24th, 2023”

  1. Actually, things are better than that. When I was in Fabres Provence a few years ago there was plenty of familiar game, “Bartavel @ partridge”— chukar- like and stars of Pagnol’s “My Father’s Glory”, and legal songbirds of many kinds, and all the local breeders are abundant, only allowed to be hunted in two small ”epartments’ In Soithern France. They’re delicious. icinee
    tue le musicioenne’- .


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