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Here’s a WR Leeson 20ga BLE gun I just finished converting to .500 Linebaugh. Weighs 6lbs 8oz, balances 3/4″ in front of the hinge with 22″ barrels. Lovely little screwgrip action gun. Regulated for the customers 525gr cast bullets at 1370fps.  Aaron Michael Little
I don’t understand the ‘screw grip’ action, you reference?
Lined or sleeved? I’ve done both on vintage single rifles, but not a double.
How was regulating the barrels?  Rick Weber
Rick Weber The screw grip is a design patented by Webley. Essentially the top lever spindle is threaded into the action body. As the lever is rotated open the top lever spindle raises slightly and clears the rib extension, allowing the gun to open. Upon closing the lever goes back to center, screwing back down onto the rib extension. This 3rd bite is in addition to Purdy underbolt. These barrels are sleeved, I do not do lining. Up to now I’ve done around 50 conversions, and have regulated over 100 doubles, so no problem there. Aaron Michael Little
They claim the cartridge can handle anything but I am not sure. I am uncertain what the motivation is for this. Likely $$$$$ and what is gained that a bolt rifle will not do? It looks good though. For some, that is all that matters. Lots more on their sites.


    1. 525 gr (34 g) L.B.T-L.F.N Buffalo Bore 1,100 ft/s (340 m/s) 1,410 ft⋅lbf (1,910 J)

      It is a Pistol Cartridge

      600 gr (39 g) Woodleigh soft point 2,100 ft/s (640 m/s) 5,877 ft⋅lbf (7,968 J)

      So not a .505 Gibbs.

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