Muddy, the Dunnville Mudcat

The southern Ontario town of Dunnville has a unique mascot: the Dunnville Mudcat, “Muddy.”
“At 50- foot long, and 27-foot high, the statue of “Muddy” is the world’s biggest Mudcat, designed by Mike Walker, a local artist and businessman.
The Mudcat has long been associated with Dunnville, which can be caught by anglers fishing in the Grand River, running along the western edge of town.
The baseball and hockey teams in Dunnville are named after the mudcat, and the town hosts the annual “Mudcat Festival” every June.
The Dunnville Minor Hockey Association boys’ and girls’ teams use the name Mudcat as their team’s name.
Visitors to Dunnville will find “Muddy” in Centennial Park, alongside Highway 3, at the western edge of town, where it was dedicated on 14 November 2009.” EDITED
Photo: Bruce Forsyth Canadian Only
This kind of small town goofiness has never really interested me much but as they go this one is more impressive than most and it is a catfish.

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