Santa Fe Impact Crater

Shattercones from Santa Fe impact structure, New Mexico. The discovery was made in 2005 by a geologist who noticed shatter cones in the rocks in a decades-old road cut on New Mexico State Road 475 between Santa Fe and Hyde Memorial State Park. Shattercones were found over an area of at least 3 square kilometers (Fackelman et al., 2007, 2008). The Earth Impact Database records the site as between 6 and 13 km in diameter and less than 1.2 billion years old. The shattercone region represents a portion of the central uplift. Though heavily weathered, the structure is exposed on the surface. It is preserved in the igneous rocks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Robert Jelinek


Santa Fe impact crater


News to me and cool.

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  1. Yes, very cool. I am rolling through nothern NM at this very moment, headed for Flagstaff. I can hear you voice in my mind’s ear. You old, octogenarian, in fact, friend in falcons and Fabre.

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