Another teaser

I will find out more. But this possible state record was taken about ten miles away, just north of Lee Henderson’s ranch where we hunt. The terrain in the middle photos is low down (well, only 6500 feet) and already rugged; similar rocky conditions prevail right up to the peak. Stay tuned…

We saw sheep, though no big rams, the day these were taken

The mountain is on the horizon behind the cholla in this photo taken on Lee’s, and on the horizon in the one taken looking north from the Magdalena range, with Lee’s ranch spread out between. Don’t let perspective fool you– it is over 9000 feet in elevation. Right click for larger on any…

Rifle quiz

Pure fun for scholars of guns and readers of travel and adventure tales: how many things can you find in common on these little carbines? Oh, I will add one invisible addition for the bolt:

The first question is for tecchies; the second for readers and travelers: how many books and writers and scientists and… whatever– can you list that mention or who used either?