Chinese Tazi Art

Or saluki if that is your preference. Paul Domski sent me this link, which caused me to reply: “Nice image. I have other Chinese saluki- tazi images, some even older, but not this one. Frustrating thing is that the article propagates the Arab origin myth– I have older images from China than any available from the Middle East!” Maybe if I ever sell that book…

Here is the oldest I have, circa 450 AD:

Prince Xanghui, circa 740 I believe:

AD 1197:

One more– not sure of the date.

The Brits found various tazis (OK, salukis if you must speak Arabic!) in Iraq because that is where they looked. (They found aboriginal Afghans , also tazis, in Afghanistan, and promptly ruined them in typical Edwardian show- dog fashion).

Salukis are Asian.