Harvest Time

From a couple of weeks ago, before the frost: Libby with Maximilian daisies in the garden in front of the homer loft

With a fat female mantis, ready to lay eggs that will winter over.

Our New Mexico Home Gym (crossed- out New Hampshire at the Nerds’ is a reference to Marko’s New England version) and Solar Drying System:

There may be enough to get us through winter, though I wouldn’t mind having more.

A Little Garden Blogging

High summer, decent rains, garden roaring. Libby points at the Dahlias springing up from Patrick Porter’s generous gift.

This is the first year we have grown Chinese long beans.

Insects are everywhere.

We keep our cardoon as an ornamental.

This year we noticed that it is COVERED with insects, on virtually every leaf– not ones that eat it, mind you; it is healthy and unspotted.

It has many hunting wasps as well.

And flowers full of mostly native bees.

The related artichoke has no bugs (we use no pesticides– haven’t had to other than anti- grasshopper bacterials one year.) Any ideas why it has so many?

Sunday Pix

On Sunday this time of the year we do a lot of stuff around the house, garden, with birds etc.

Patrick Porter of the Pigeon list (also a bird hunter, botanist, horticulturist, and damned good writer), sent Libby a bunch of huge Dahlia tubers. (Wish I had thought to show scale– some of these are finger long.) We shall provide updates.

The Gos, who was molting loose in the mews, very suddenly developed a serious case of Demonic Mews Possession Syndrome. Sounds funny, but I don’t care for a large well- armed bird hanging from my throat. Brought him into the house for retraining and he turned back into a pussycat– here he is turning his head in the universal hawk greeting signal.

But having a hawk, as opposed to a falcon, in the house is always tough– they excrete horizontally for one thing, and our poop catcher is not 100% reliable. And even the best hawk (as opposed again to falcon) is a nervous fidgety thing. So we built a screen perch for the mews and are feeding him out on the hawk lawn. Not sure if he cares for this but it is the best we can do.

Matt who flies Harrises as sweet as my falcon, is saying things like “Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Accipiters” and “They’ll turn on you, you know!”

Meanwhile the baby falcon is a delight. Here he is with his favorite monster.