“I Am Not Worthy!”

“Michael Blowhard” of 2Blowhwards– see my blogroll– has just written a touching link and description of my site. Michael was the first person to admit me to a blog, with a guest post on the writer’s life, several years ago. I guess that makes him my “blogfather”. I am honored. Please, check out Blowhards– it is one of the most original and diverse sites on the web.

Below is a generous quote on my writing. But understand, there is a LOT more on Blowhards than I have yet dreamed of putting up here, including but not limited to art criticism, movies, architecture, nude modeling, car design, evo- bio, and as my old friend Elaine used to say approvingly. “more and worse”.

“Stephen Bodio is a beyond-excellent nature writer who manages the distinctive — and too-rare — feat of fusing the lyrical and rhapsodic with the harshly down-to-earth. (I especially loved his collection of essays “On the Edge of the Wild: Passions and Pleasures of a Naturalist.”) Based in New Mexico, he’s accessible yet sophisticated, full of curiosity and interests, and has a good sense of rueful humor about the ultimate absurdity (and beauty) Of It All. He also has a special affinity for raptor birds”.

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