“My name is Steve and I am a bookaholic”.

Check this hilarious post from Dymphna at Gates of Vienna.

She pefectly captures our mutual addiction: “Read-a-holics cannot resist the printed word: It starts with cereal boxes at the breakfast table or newspapers abandoned in the restaurant booth by whomever ate there before you and continues into reading your high school English lit books the day you get them. This is not virtue. A therapist once posed the question: “so when did you discover that books were a neurotic escape?””

“Motto: never leave home without a book. You never know when you might be trapped somewhere with nothing to read. Horrors”.

Read the whole thing, as the man says.

Libby insists I take at least two books to go to the Post Office where she works (two miles away). I take about five on our biweekly two- hour trip to Albuquerque… you never know.

My favorite New Mexico book dealer, Jerry Lane of the Book Stop, once whirled on me as I entered and said to a customer: “THERE is the perfect example of a man who needs a book muzzle!”

9 thoughts on ““My name is Steve and I am a bookaholic”.”

  1. There’s a show on the WB network called “Gilmore Girls” that I like mainly because one of the characters takes a book with her everywhere–even to the prom. My kind of girl.

  2. Hey, we could start a Books Anonymous chapter…of course,we’d have to sneak in whatever we were currently reading. And no fair reading the labels on the cleaning supplies when you go to the restroom.

  3. Women are fortunate: we have commodious purses where there is always reading material, even if it’s only the grocery receipt…doesn’t do to look too closely, though, or you see where you were over charged because the computer price wasn’t changed…

  4. Dymphna –
    My male equivalent to that was the cargo pockets I had in my fatigues when I was in the Army. I always carried a book in mine as there was always “hurry up and wait” deadtime.


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