Latest AR Atrocities

I do believe somewhere deep down they really hate animals.

From The Lady With The Black Dogs:

“I’ve just learned that the City of Denver, under the direction of their city court, and their Animal Control officer, has seized and euthanized 38 Pit Bulls.

“.. some of these dogs were nursing puppies when they were seized.
The owner had just moved to Denver from Texas, and was not aware that
there was a ban on PBTs in Denver. They charged him with 38 counts of
animal cruelty because he didn’t have water in front of each individual
dog … a charge which carried a year in jail on each count, plus 1K in
fines. Obviously they pressured him to surrender the dogs.

“What I want to know is, what kind of City, what kind of people- – aside
from the ones who work in the back of Ingrid Newkirks P**A van, can sit
and kill dog, after dog, after dog, until they’ve killed 38 of them”.

Libby wrote back to her:

“Marty Chavez, the mayor of ABQ [the one resoponsible for the new so- called HEART law, the most restrictive animal bill in the nation–SB] , was on TV last night bragging about how they had lured someone into ABQ to sell his fighting chickens for $100 each, which they busted him for and killed the chickens. The only place in NM where cock fighting is illegal is ABQ”.

To which I added:

“Can’t add much to Libby’s eloquent screed. The poor chicken guy sold TWO roosters and was entrapped– the undercover cops apparently told him they were unable to come to the city and to PLEASE drive the birds in! Same newscast showed a gang- banger (with a prior record) being released on bond after chasing two women he didn’t know through the streets of Albuquerque, shooting at them– the judge said she was “reluctant” to set him free, and told him to stay away from the victim- witnesses, using their names. Has our society gone insane?”

One doesnt have to be a supporter of cockfighting to find this a bit deranged.

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