Frozen Dead Guy is a Hot Commodity

The Denver Post ran this oddball local story today. In the small town of Nederland in the mountains west of Boulder, Bredo Morstoel, who died in 1989, lies frozen in a metal coffin, awaiting the day when medical science has advanced enough to revive him and fix the heart ailment that killed him. Morstoel’s grandson in Norway sends money every month to a man in Longmont who keeps the coffin packed in dry ice.

Nederland has done its best to capitalize on this strange situation by holding an annual “Frozen Dead Guy Days” festival featuring coffin races. Money line from the article:

“In a town that has become increasingly awash in ordinary battles over stoplights or chain stores, Grandpa Bredo keeps Nederland weird.”

I might just have to make it up to Frozen Dead Guy Days.

4 thoughts on “Frozen Dead Guy is a Hot Commodity”

  1. Nederland has a stoplight!?!? What about Ward? Man, when I lived out there (Boulder, mid-70’s)there was almost no there there ;-). ‘Course all I can remember about Sedona AZ was a trailer on blocks with a beehive oven out back (60’s) – I hear that’s changed, too. As long as I’m in this mood,

    “Hey! You kids! Get off my lawn!”

  2. Dr H
    Don’t worry, Ward still doesn’t have a stop light – I was there Sunday on my way to Brainard Lake. I’ll post on that a little later. What were you doing in Boulder in the mid-70s? I was there in grad school at CU 74-77. Maybe our paths crossed.

    Apparently FDGD is held in March, so I’ll plan ahead!

  3. I was wintering and summering (summers working at Storage Tec down in Broomfield) in – if my math is right – 73 and part of 74. While I was going to school out here at UNH, my folks moved out to Boulder. Not a bad arrangement – back then (Energy Crisis) UNH stretched the winter vacation to something like a month and a half. So: spring and fall = New Hampshire – winter and summer = CO – not bad!


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